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Garage Door Repair in Matthews, NC

Does your garage door seem to be falling apart and you’re not sure who to turn to? Trust the team at Garage Door Repair of Matthews, North Carolina. We operate around-the-clock to provide quality garage door repairs, routine maintenance, and new door installations.

When You Call Our Team

At Garage Door Repair of Matthews, no matter when your garage door stops working, our team is eager to take your call. When you do call, we ask that you provide thorough details and an account of what is going on with your garage door. These details may include:
  • Is the weatherstripping in place?
  • Is the garage door opened, closed, or stuck partially opened?
  • Does the door make a strange or loud noise when operating?
  • Are the safety eye sensors stopping the door when obstructed?
  • Are the tracks still in alignment?
Though all of these details may not be necessary, providing them can help equip our techs for the repairs they will be performing prior to reaching your home. All of our techs travel with parts and equipment, but providing additional information ensures they will have the right material to get the job done quickly.

How We Can Help

Once you have done your part of calling our team of professionals, next is our job. When we reach your home, we will inspect your garage door, identify the problem and implement the necessary repairs. Some common repairs we perform include:
  • Repair or replacement of drums and rollers
  • Repair of the garage door opener
  • Repair of off-track garage doors
  • Repair or replacement of bent or broken tracks
  • Replacement of nuts, bolts, cables, and springs
  • Repair or replacement of safety eye sensors
After completion of every repair, our technicians will test the door several times to ensure the door is operating safely and correctly. They will also make sure that you have no additional requests or concerns. Our techs may also recommend setting up routine maintenance to ensure your garage door doesn’t unexpectedly break down again.

Top Technicians Employing Exceptional Parts

When it comes to garage door repairs, it is our goal to perform repairs successfully and efficiently. One way we do this is by hiring extremely qualified and experienced technicians that are passionate about what they do. We provide them with quality parts and equipment, made from well-known manufacturers, and together they create long-lasting repairs.

Dealing With An Emergency

Even though your broken-down garage door may feel like an emergency, with Garage Door Repair of Matthews, it doesn’t have to. We offer 24-hour service to be there, repairing your garage door the same day it breaks. With our team, we won’t let you be stranded for multiple days with a malfunctioning garage door.

Stop Putting Off Your Repair

Scheduling an appointment with Garage Door Repair of Matthews is quick and easy, so don’t delay in calling. With 24-hour service, our team can be at your home repairing your garage door today! So reach out to our team now and we will have your door back up and running in no time.

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